VQF Requests

If ya thought this was gonna be sum message board or sumthin, hell nah!
I'll give you some ideas on what kind of requests I'll consider. That does not mean I will definately put up the VQFs.

As you know, unlike most pages, I use a "Updatez To Come" section. That makes this a little bit more organized, but it kinda messes with requests. So the best way of putting up when the request will be put up is by "The next update," meaning the next scheduled update. Sometimes I may put it up a day or two after the request....

Now here's the rules to requests:

  1. No requests for FOB music. That includes: Backstreet Boys, N-Sync, Lauren Hill, and any other ones like that!
  2. No "Please Please Please!" just once is enough...
  3. No asking for MP3s.
  4. No music that just came out (as in no single or album for it).
  5. Only Rap and R&B.
  6. No 2pac undergound (I will choose which underground songs I put up).
  7. No fake ass b----es like Puff Daddy, Coolio, or Cam'ron.

Now if you meet all these e-mail me here with the subject as "VQF request."