I know that many people don't know what the f--k a VQF is, so I decided to explain to y'all bout this sweet music encoding method. So far, I have no VQFs on servers since they are a lot of memory, but I will soon, I may decide to replace the whole real audio section with VQFs.

Heres a lil' FAQ (Frequently Asked Quenstions).

What the f--k is VQF?
VQFs are like MP3s. They compress music files, except a lot smaller than an MP3 file. I think a 5 minute song is about 3 megs, at better quality than mp3s too. The only bad thing is for me, not for you, and it's nothing y'all should worry bout.

If you don't know what MP3s are, then I'll put it simply, it's CD quality music. Not exactly CD quality (claims are that it takes out parts that are inaudible to human ears). Since I've already said that VQFs are like MP3s, you should know that VQFs are CD quality music in a really low amount of memory....
So what's the bad thing?
It's just that encoding the files take a long ass time. I haven't made one yet, cuz the encoder so slow even for my pentium II. When I try to encode, I can't do anything else, takes too much system resources.
Y'all ain't gotta worry cept that I won't be offerin that much VQFs here cuz a that.
So what player do I use for it?
Go to the "Utilities" page.
Then what's a good site to go to while we wait fo you?
www.VQF.com, that's where I found most of my info. You can get encoders, decoders (kinda), and players.