Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told Snoop As a No Limit Soldier

(8 stars)

Damn long album name huh?

This CD was released about 3 months after Snoop signed on with No Limit Records, which is run by multi-millionare Master P, giving a rebirth of some sort to Snoop's career.

Snoop was known as one of the best rappers of our time. That changed when the mediocre Tha Doggfather was released. It almost went double platinum, unlike this CD which actually did go double platinum. Doggystyle almost went quintuple platinum, but I think it held at quadruple platinum (for y'all that don't know, quadruple platinum is 4,000,000+ sales and double platinum if 2,000,000+ sales and so on).

Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told brings the raw flava of the No Limit soldiers, such as Fiend and Mystikal, mixed with the soft & smooth R & B type voice that Snoop Dogg brings. There's harcore songs like "Woof!" and "Tru Tank Doggs," and soulful songs like "D.O.G.'s Get Lonely 2" and "Doggz Gonna Get Ya."

He goes back to G s--t with the first single, "Still a G Thang" and enlists fellow soldier Mia-X on the second single, "Slow Down." Most people never heard of "Slow Down," but then of course, the only real No Limit videos MTV plays are Master P's. I've never seen MTV play any No Limit videos unless it was Master P's. "Take My Pain," "It Ain't My Fault," and "Still a G Thang" are all great No Limit videos but MTV never plays em.....

Well I'll get back on point. Snoop brings a lil' of the Doggystyle and the successful styles of Tha Doggfather to bring this great CD.

Buy it as soon as you got $15... actually just get it from a loan shark or sumthin, it all gravy.