Mya Mya

(9 stars)

I know y'all only know her as "The girl with Silkk in dat phat ass video" but Mya is more. She's the hook for "Ghetto Supastar," and has done a single with Sisqo of Dru Hill in "It's All About Me" (the video for "It's All About Me" was #1 on MTV Jams for one day... then dissapeared).

Her newest single is "Movin' Out," a kind of dirty remix to "Movin' On." It features Noreaga and Raekwon (of Wu-Tang Clan). The song itself is aight... but I've only seen the video on commercials for "Belly: The Soundtrack" so I'm guessing that it sucks.

But the first two singles and videos are da bomb. Both videos were #1 at one time or another on MTV Jams and BET's Planet Groove. The remix to "Movin' On" (version feat. Silkk the Shocker aka the video version) was #1 at Power 106 here in southern Cali.

All the tracks are hot. The only thing keeping this album from going 10 stars is that there's only 3 songs with featured artist on the album, and Silkk is on the "Movin' On" single on the remix. Hopefully her next album will have many feature artists.