Life In 1472: The Original Soundtrack 1472?!?!

(8 stars)

What the hell was JD (aka Jermaine Dupri) thinking when he named this Life In 1472? It probably was that this CD is so good that it doesn't matter what he names it...

Well the CD's aight but could be better. I mean, he got the Mad Rapper on a track, along with DMX, even though all the Bad Boy Entertainment albums clown on the Mad Rapper. I mean, he ain't got no real skillz, just fun ta laugh at... An he ruined "Get Your S--t Right" (with the hot to death DMX) by puttin the Mad Rapper in it...

Most of the other tracks are good though. Like the great "Money Ain't a Thang" and "Sweetheart" which are both pretty much duets (considering they're both in other artists' albums). But "The Party Continues" (a single released much too early) is good, with his lil' sister, Da Brat, and Usher helping him.

My favorite track here is "Going Home With Me" cause it shows that JD got some skillz, with Keith Sweat only as the chorus. It got a nice lil' flava, wit him always talkin' bout money and girls as always...

All of the songs have featured artists. For y'all that are wondering, they are:

  1. Nas
  2. Jay-Z
  3. DMX
  4. Mad Rapper
  5. Slick Rick
  6. Mariah Carey
  7. Eightball
  8. Too $hort
  9. Mr. Black
  10. Young Bloodz
  11. Da Brat
  12. Krayzie Bone
  13. Keith Sweat
  14. R.O.C.
  15. Mase
  16. Lil' Kim
  17. Usher
  18. LaTocha Scott of Xscape
  19. Snoop Dogg
  20. Warren G
  21. Trina
  22. Tamara Powell

... Damn.. 22 artist... All in 14 tracks.. Go buy it......