It's Dark And Hell Is Hot Get At Me Dog

(9 stars)

This CD already got 4 singles off it:
  1. Get At Me Dog (feat. Sheek from The Lox)
  2. Stop Being Greedy
  3. How's It Goin' Down (feat. Faith Evans)
  4. Ruff Ryder's Anthem (Stop, Drop)

And if y'all ain't buying it before his new CD, Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, then y'all are punk ass suckas. All the tracks on this CD are hot. There's 18 tracks, and about 3 are skits I think, that leaves about 15 songs.

DMX got a raw-type style of rappin', like Wu-Tang but he can indivisualize himself by bringin' the hardcore gangsta rap type s--t he be doin'.

Alot of peoples sayin he raps like 2pac an that's true. He got the raw-kill-everybody style in "ATF" and the "Dear Mama" style with "How's It Goin Down."

His voice is raw, like I said before, and helps with his "Get At Me Dog" style songs, and even with the "How's It Goin' Down" style.

I gave this CD 9 stars since all the songs are hot, cept not enough people worked on this (he had about 4 or 5 songs with other rappers) but he still shows he can collaborate, since he is featured in about 20 (or sumthin) songs and all the hot soundtracks have him.