Life After Death Mo Money, Mo Problems, Mo Murder.....

(10 stars)

Puff Daddy & Mase Mo Money, Mo Problems
The Lox Last Day
Bone Thugs-n-harmony Notorious Thugs
112 Sky's the Limit
R. Kelly F----n' You Tonight

With all this, you still ain't buyin' it?

Aight stupid ass. This double CD got great samples, good featured artists, and B.I.G.'s phat ass lyrics.

Many say that B.I.G. was better than 2pac.... Even though that aint true, B.I.G. is my 2nd favorite rapper, and 2pac is too much to compare with any other MC.

This was his second and final album, and pretty good at that too. It sold about 8 million copies, I think, and is probably the best Bad Boy album.

He's probably the best MC to come out for Bad Boy, and now that he gone, Puff made millions "Mourning His Death....." but I ain't got nothin against Puff....

This got the best songs of B.I.G.'s career (cept "Juicy") and it's as close to a compilation you'll get...