Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z "Mr. I Get Around"

"I Get Around" is probably the third best known 2pac song. This CD marks 2pac's re-alliance with Digital Underground (cept he never actually split wit em) in the mad popular single "I Get Around." That's not the only famous single, "Keep Ya Head Up," 2pac's tribute to all unfortunate women everywhere, was another hit that made this CD go platinum. Considering that this CD was release while 2pac was having some court problems, this is probably the best CD that he could have made in those conditions. In this CD, he also hooked up with rap legends Ice Cube and Ice T on "Last Wordz." He also released two other singles from this CD ("Holler if Ya Hear Me" and "Papa'z Song") which were either not as well advertised as "I Get Around" or people just didn't like em...
Get this CD as soon as you can cuz "I Get Around" is one of rap's all time greatest songs and y'all ain't 2pac fans if y'all don't get this

(8 Stars)

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