R U Still Down? [remember me]

?? Platinum-
2pac's mama will always be remembered for four things:
1. The whole Black Panthers thing
2. 2pac's tribute to her in "Dear Mama"
3. The new 2pac Compilation double CD coming out on November 24th, 1998
4. And the release of R U Still Down? [remember me]

This CD has the mad popular "I Wonder if Heaven's Got a Ghetto" and "Do for Love." Both songs are from disc 2 of this double CD set, but I think disc 1 is better. Just listen to the real audio of "Open Fire" or "Nothin' To Lose" and "I'm Gettin' Money" to see what I mean. All are from disc 1, with no single, but they all good.

You thought the singles off a disc 2 wuz hot? Disc 1 is better still...

(9 Stars)

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