Makaveli California Love Part Mutha Phucken 2

Triple Platinum-
"Come with me, Hail mary!"..... the most memorable quote from the Makaveli album by 2pac. This was his first, and last CD using the alias Makaveli. The first single off this album, "To Live and Die in L.A." was known as "California Love part Mutha Phucken 2," showin he always got luv fo the Westside. "Krazy," talkin' bout how life made him a lunatic, how it was kinda forced on him, ratha than him just being born as "Tha Lunatic." This CD may be triple platinum, but it should go more...
To Live and Die in LA ..... Ain't nuff for ya? Hail Mary, and Krazy....

(9 Stars)

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