In His Own Words Tha Interview CD

?? Platinum-
I know most people never heard a this CD, but it's pretty hot. 2pac's mom already pulled it off the streetz I think, so if you can find it, get it befo it gone. I call this the 2pac Interview CD cuz it has a lot of interviews, and gives a nice lil' insight to what wuz happenin to him and Biggie.... He also mentions that he was gonna make videos for "Ambitionz Az a Ridar," and "All About U." He talks bout makin' a Me Against the World Part 2 but that may never happen unless 2pac's mom decides to release a CD named that (there's enough songs out there to make like 8 2pac CD's if you can find all those unreleased ones).

There's also a song from Naughty by Nature, "Mourn You Till I Join You," which was his tribute to 2pac... and 2 songs with 2pac, Biggie, and Trapped all rappin on the same track... Pick it up...

This CD has a bunch a interviews with 2pac... about 4 or 5 songs... There's like 3 or 4 previously unreleased 2pac songs... and one from Naughty by Nature, the dedication song to 2pac... Not 'nuff fo ya? Then how bout hearin' that 2pac sayin he remembers Biggie beggin b_t_h_s fo sex?

(7 Stars)

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