All Eyez On Me Tha Big One

9x Platinum!!!-
California Love (remix)
How Do U Want It
2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted
I Ain't Mad At Cha

Those singles were enough for 9 million peole to buy this dope ass CD, but if it ain't fo y'all, peep this:
This was probably the greatest 2pac CD of all time (in my opinion and in sales). California Love was one of 2pac's all time greatest single (as argued by many to be his 2nd best). And then there's the rest of the great songs on this 2 CD set. "Life Goes On" is probably one of the most popular 2pac song that was ever made into a single. Check out the real audio to see more of yout beloved 2pac songs, and make this CD sell 10 million+...

Jus peep da singles an see why ya gotta buy this...

(10 Stars)

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