2pac's Greatest Hits The Best Ones
Mourn You Til I Join You

(10 stars)

This double CD set has a total of 25 2pac songs. 4 are new and one (of the new ones) has been made into a single already. The rest were getting around for a while

This has mst of his singles and even one from the badly advertised Thug Life Vol. 1.

"God Bless the Dead" may arouse suspicion that 2pac is still alive, and was probably the one to have killed B.I.G. It starts out saying "Rest in peace to my mutha f----n' Biggie Smalls..." It might start up some more bulls--t 'bout 2pac....

Changes is good and the first single. It takes E-40's "Things'll Never Change" beat and adds lyrics from "Nothing To Lose" and "I Wonder If Heaven's Got a Ghetto." It also adds new lyrics for about 1/2 the song.

"Unconditional Love" is kind of like "Dear Mama" but not as good. It got a nice beat and is one of the best known underground songs. This may not be as hot as "Dear Mama," but it's still good.

If you don't have All Eyez On Me but still want 2pac's music, get this. It has about 8 tracks from All Eyez On Me. The 4 singles and the 4 best songs that weren't released, including a kind of remix to one of the old ones, "All About U" (ver. 1, ver. 2).

2pac's back, bringin in the heat.