2paaclypse The first 2pac album

The first 2pac CD. It shows that he can make it without Digital Underground (he was part of Digital Underground at one time). His first single, "Brenda's Got a Baby," shows that he cares 'bout what happens in the hood. Even with songs like that, he shows that he still a down n---a that the police can't f--k wit in songs like "I Don't Give a F--k." He gives a song to his lil' homies in "If My Homies Call," sayin: "I'll give it all fo y'all, If my homies call..." That song is sayin' that even though he gettin' money from the rap biz, he still keeps it real fo his homies.
If you ain't got this soon to be a classic CD, then go cop it before it all out. I heard that sum political guy stopped this CD's sales, so get it soon.

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