AzNxHIPhop's Realm...


December 28th, 1998:
I made a new look for the left side of my page, fixed the links for the voting section (make sure you vote!), and I'm aware that some of the real audio links don't work.... but you can bet that all the links will work in 2 months... yea I know it a long time, but 202 songs are alot to check....

December 22nd, 1998:
I fixed up the links to the VQFs, added more sites for y'all to vote for me on, and some articles and stuff.
I also finished up the "AzNxHIPhop's Realm Dope Site Award" section and added some links.
According to the online poll, y'all can't seem to decide whether I should put up Real Audio (bad quality) or VQFs (CD Quality). I may decide to just do both, but if I don't, let me help y'all decide by saying this:
Real Audio is less memory, but also less qualtiy. I encode it in the lowest possible quality. VQFs are just like MP3s excpet you need a different player (than winamp) and is less memory for better quality.
Also, I will be changing my poll so that it will have the following choices:

  1. VQFs
  2. Real Audio
  3. Real Audio (in a little bit higher quality)
  4. Both VQFs and Real Audio (low quality Real Audio)
  5. Forget audio section and concentrate on other things.

That poll will be coming up in a week or so, if not already on.

December 12th, 1998:
I added some VQFs. They are:

2pac Changes
Blackstreety & Mya Take Me There
Dru Hill These Are the Times
Jay-Z Can I Get a F--k You
Method Man Judgement Day (w/o intro)
The Notorious B.I.G. One More Chance (remix)
Outkast Rosa Parks
Silkk the Shocker Express Yo'self
Snoop Dogg Midnight Love