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Real Audio

While downloading some of the real audio, you may find that the copyrights read:
"©Da Tru Hip Hop Realm" or
"©JLPager'z Hip Hop Soundz"

Those were previous names of this site and all copyrights (for future real audio) should now real "©AzNxHIPhop's Realm" or sumthin like dat. Fo all y'all bitches that think this means you can link to the files that are not "©AzNxHIPhop's Realm," watch yo back...
If you really would like to link to the files, ask for permission first then I will give instructions as to what to do before you actually put up the links.

If you really like any of the songs found here, please respect the artists' hard work and buy the CDs. Please delete all real audio files after 24 hours.

Real Audio is not illegal, it is not encoded in actual CD quality which makes it inferior to the original copy, unlike mp3s. And if you're wondering I will be providing mp3s some time in the future, but only legal ones (freestyles & unreleased songs [2pac!])

By the way,
a * denotes a song taken from Survival of the Illest, a bonus CD I recieved for buying an early copy of DMX's It's Dark And Hell Is Hot,
If you can find it, you lucky.