AzNxHIPhop's Realm Dope Site Award

If you think your site is good enough to win this monthly award I give out, e-mail me with a few pieces of information. The information is:

  1. Your site's name.

  2. Your site's URL

  3. A description of your site

To qualify to win, you must not leech off any other site's material (even if it was OKed by the other site's webmaster) since I only give out the award for original sites. You must not have any porn, even though MP3s and VQFs are OK. It can't take too long to load. It should use images creatively (not just all over the place but where it should be). It should offer a good variety in hip hop stuff (like reviews, real audio, biographies, etc...). And most importatnly, it must be HIP HOP ORIENTED!!!

If your site meets all those standards, e-mail me here with all the information numbered respectively and the subject as "AzNxHIPhop's Realm Dope Site Award".
(I don't offer a form since the interface pisses me off)


If you win, you will have to place an HTML code that will end up with an image link to my site. The image will look like the one below: